Updates to LensHellArchive.com


1-23-2008 - Today i added 3 new progs to the site called lethal empire fader, lethal empire idler and lethal empire anti.

1-17-2008 - Today i added 2 new progs to the site called collection agency 5.1.0 and colorful sex fader.

1-13-2008 - I should be ready within the next couple days to start adding new progs so if you have a prog you would like on the site then email it to me with all the information i need like the prog name, type of prog, aol/aim/yahoo & windows versions it works for and also a screenshot of the main iface and i will add it.

I am thinking about adding a forum and chat to the site and looking for some people who might be interested in maybe monitoring them since i done have that kind of time. Also if you would be interested in helping rate the new progs i add to the site let me know.

1-8-2008 - Today i added a new Links Section in the Misc Section on the Index page.

1-5-2008 - Tonight i fixed a bunch of broken links i noticed throughout the site. I am not sure yet but thinking about maybe adding a few new areas to the site like a forum, basic site search, chat & poll/surveys... Once i decide on what to add and get them added i should be ready to start accepting new prog submissions. If you are a programmer and have a prog you want to start getting the word out on send me the info and i will start a new upcoming progs page... Send the Prog Name, Prog Description, AOL/AIM/Yahoo Version it's for, Your Handle and an Estimated Date of Release... Help me out and spread the word that the site is now running and also if you have your own site it would be cool if you linked the site with one of my Link Me Banners.

1-4-2008 - Tonight i added a Link Me Banners page to the Misc Section which has a few banners i created to link my site from.

1-2-2008 - Today i added the HTML/CGI Code page to the Misc Section.


If you are interested in my LensHellArchive.com Prog CD set of AOL/AIM/Yahoo progs email me for info

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