Updates to LensHellArchive.com


2-29-2008 - Tonight i added a Games Section to the site... I still have 1,300 more games to add to the games section(YES I SAID 1,300!!!). So make sure to keep checking back and tell all your friends about it! LensHellArchive Games.

2-28-2008 - Today i added a Miscellaneous Progs section for progs that you really dont need aol/aim/yahoo to use.

2-25-2008 - Today i added 2 new progs to the site called rapid hacker v3.2 and bust -a- room 6.0.

2-21-2008 - Tonight i added a Forum to the site... It is now live so make sure to tell everyone you know to sign up! LensHellArchive Forum

2-20-2008 - Today I removed the Guestbook because i will be adding a Forum to the site within the next few days. I am also adding a Game Section within the next few days with almost 1,500 flash games to play right on the site. Should also be adding a few other sections to the site like a chat, search and more.


If you are interested in my LensHellArchive.com Prog CD set of AOL/AIM/Yahoo progs email me for info

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