html & cgi Code Page

  • beav's image map code
  • I made this help file so people can learn the basics on how to make an image map... if it is missing anything contact me and i will adjust it
  • ritman's counter
  • RitMan's counter script... got lots of cool options in it
  • email w/ subject
  • Just a basic linking code for people to email you with the subject already filled in
  • 3 frame code
  • The same frame code i use for my site
  • image mouseover
  • Code that changes images when you mouseover them
  • netscape view-source image
  • A code for netscape that you add to warn people about viewing your source
  • message box
  • This code is just a popup message box which is good for a warning or notice before entering a site
  • message box 2
  • Another message box code with a yes or no button to click
  • no right-click
  • This zip has 4 no right-click codes... some for ie and also netscape
  • table
  • Just a basic table like on my site
  • mouse trail
  • This code will trail an image behind your mouse when moving it around the screen
  • mouse trail 2
  • This code is for trailing a couple images behind the mouse
  • watermark
  • Just like the code that geocities uses to make there symbol stay in the bottom corner
  • wav code
  • This is the code to have a wav file play on a website
  • background fade
  • This fades the page background from grey to black
  • random banner
  • This will print out a random banner ad each time your page is viewed
  • text jitter
  • Just enter the text you want to use and in a 4.0+ browser it will 'jiggle' around the screen
  • text mouse trail
  • Drags a text message around the screen behind the mouse cursor
  • handle greeting
  • When people enter your site they are asked their name and then they are greeted
  • rainbow text
  • Displays your text in a bunch of rainbow colors
  • cool welcome message
  • Customize this intro to display a welcome message on your site
  • punt code
  • Nice fatal exception punt code for your webpages
  • anti right click
  • Real cool anti right click trap code for your pages
  • image rotate
  • This code rotates between a couple different images
  • link mouseover
  • Cool code to make a link change colors when mousing over it (ie only)
  • geocities frame removal code
  • This is a code alot of people look for to remove the frames in geocities

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