More Passwords


Acid Burn: PiXY RuLEz You!
Afterlife: Eraser is GoD!
Agent Orange: Tosser: I Crap On Lamers
America Off Line: maxuck or ivan is a fairy
Anti Mass Mailer: bud is blah
AOAbortion TOS: Fuck TeRRoR
AOAbortion Accnt Gen: KK
AOAstig: BuBBa
AoBliss Tosser: Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss
AOBomber ver.1 b.2: TOS ALL LAMERZ
AOBomber ver.1 b.3: ALL LAMERZ DIE!
AOControl: Skyway rpo
AOCrash: CrAsH and BurN
AOCrash Accnt Gen: ..........AoCrAsH.......... ( 10 dots on each side)
AODelf: Bow B$ ThE BoSS or enter any password, then when you go into the
program goto about and you get all features
AODemon: exit light enter night
AODestiny personal Password: off
AODestiny TOS: whammi
AODestiny: DeSTiNY!
AODirt: BoW 2 MaTT
AODirt's Phisher: Matt is king
AODirth: double click on black portion of intro screen, then double click on
bottom right corner of the password screen
AODragon: KeWl!
AODuhg: Duhg is Able
AOExtacy: BoW 2 MaTT
AOExtacy Phisher: Matt is king
AOFuck: 1)"PiXY RuLEZ!" 2)"WaNG DanG" 3)"JeREmYe RuLEz!"
AOFunk's Options: Funk AOL
AOGone TOS: (#1) TOS that Lamer!!! (#2) I am not lame
AOHawk: AzN is Da BoMb ( other PW's take you to a screen where you cant do
AOHades: Cyber's World (same for ver. 3.5)
AOIce: ...Iceman rulez AOL
AOInsanity TOSer: mac sucks
AOInsanity: nin,leaf,happy,anarchy,happy,aol
AOInsanity Accnt Gen: down with religion
AOJimmy: Jimmy
AOKrusher: Vanessa
AOKrusher 96 b2 Accnt Gen: AoKRuSHeR iZ Da SHiT
AOLame: Kewl dOOd (*WARNING* enter the passwords correctly or your computer
gets screwd)
AOLame's TOSer: TOS da LAMER
AOLame's Room Destroyer: AOLaMe RoX!
AOL Guide: sniper
AOMike and Dave: Oslo
AOMike and Dave Password Cracker: K-Rad
AOMike and Dave Gold: Botch
AOMisc: MaXeLL
AONirvana: boognish
AONitro: Lee and Rage
AOOnfire: ivan is a fairy
AOPassword 1.0: RIP TUPAC
AoPussy v1.0: 13245AoPussy
AoPussy v5.0: bomb,dog,hamburger,eye,woman
AOPussy ver. 5.0 Final: push buttons in this order 1,3,2,4,5 Pickides
password is 125
AoRage Tos: *RAGE*
AoRage Phake Account Maker: *we are all alike*
AoSabre: KNiGHT KiXAoSabre
AoSabre v2 b4: KNIGHT RULES U
AoSabre (Macros): HoTCLaMCHowDa
AoSniper; Da BomBAoStr8: let me in
AoStoned: 1800666AoSupra: 5119126
AOStr8: let me in
AOSupra: 5119126
AoTips: I want to see the TiPS
AoUltimate: Clock, Dynomite, House, AOL, Happy Face
AoUltimate Tos: computer
AoWax: zaskar
AoWuTang: (drag the blow torch icon over the lock)
AoWuTang Fuck u Tosser (comes with wutang2): Fuck Yor AOL
AOX-treme: click twice on 1, once on 2, once on 1, then sign on
AOX-treme Accnt Gen: fake account
AOX-treme Tosser & TOSbot: america online TOS=LooP
Aqua Zone ver. 2: KingMIke
Apathy Next: 1st box Q, 2nd box q, Click 2nd Blah, Click lower right corner
of intro screen
Aqua Zone v2: KingMIke
Area 51 Tosser v1: WoRM RoX
Area 51 Tosser v2.5: gtworm button #11
AsTiG: Lock and load
AsTiG: Lock and load
Aztec: 3289# Dial

Balla's FAC: BaLLaiZurGoD
Balla's Phisher: BaLLa RuLeS!!
Balla's Phisher SE: BaLLa fux da twins!
Balla Accnt Gen v2: BaLLaiZurGoD
Benjamins: To access prog: Hack The Fuckin Planet
Blaster Toser: GzAizGod
Bloodlusts Account Creator: I Bow B4 SkiTzO
BluE Cross=175963
BLUE CROSS V3: Blue Cross Rox!......secret area is the grey border around the
room list click it Secret Area: Click grey border around the room list
Blue Cross V4: 175963
Bluntsmoka 2: are u a bLunTSm0kA 2??
Bluntsmoka 2 prefix: splif er bLunT?
Bonez 1.0 beta 5: Bandits
Bonez 1.0 beta 6: AOL Sux Shit
Bonez1.0 final: BoneZ Sucks!
BoNG TOSer: Praise Da BoNG or PaWn Kicken 96
Brody's Account Generator: 1) Fuck You Evil's 2) Brodyman

Cannon Blaster Tosser: GzAizGoD
Citadel Final:

1) I Love Kimmy (PW under Citadel)
2) STFU (Strom Toolz PW)
3) Ozzy (Who to punt under Death Toolz, Start)
Color Tosser: Playa (click on the "I'm not racist" button)
Coolio's FAC: BoW B4 DoG BiGDoG
Corruption Tosser v1.5: DIE
Crypt Acme info: AcMe FoReVeR (contains all PW's to the prog.)
Crypt FAC: ELiTe
Crypt Elite Phisher: WaReZ mail
Crypt Phisher: Mail Pish


Darth Phader: (space)ChEwBaCcA(space)
Da Shit: PLuZ
Darkside of Aol: The Darkside is my side
Dbomb: (virus if wrong)
Dead Fish Tosser: SMURFZ RULE
Defend Tosser: ummm...let me inDimension 7: LithiUm
Ditto Punter: N64
Dimension 7: LithiUm
Dogg Pound Tosser: BoW B4 BiGDoG

eJect-A-Tos: smoke 'EM
Exorcist: 2000
Exorcist (Secret Area): 1984#
Exorcist: Enter this code first "666x"
extreme: click twice on 1, once on 2, once on 1, then sign on
EZ Tos: 548

FAC: 4013
FAC 2: ***It's So Easy***
FBI=Show me the Money
FBI:AS28 (All the AS PW's are Alicia SilverStone Pix!!!) AS1 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5
Final Fantasy 7: FF7 HiGhWiNd
Fire Toolz V1.1: Master Access= FaG God Access= Rj2 is GOD
Fire Toolz X V3: Ho= CC Generator SEX= Secret Keyword HORNY= Secret Porn Pic
FiRe ToOlZ=SeX,PoRn,FaG,Rj2 is god
Forks Tools: HELLFoRx Toolz 2000: HellFumFac Fake Account Generator: JizzMop
Forx TooLz 2000: Hell (serial # -> FoRK-110-11-00)
FumFac Fake Account Generator: JizzMop


Generation X Tosser: TaLoN
Genocide: BACONBY
God Punta: Secret Area Dial = 1,2,8,2,3,2,5,2,6
PW-Cracker = kaiser
Graveyard: TONY
Ground Zero Tosser: Your Empty Future Awaits (X in Blue, Purple, Yellow
Guide Aol: sniper
Guide 95: (fake program, no correct pw)

Happy Tosser: BKaLLDaY!
Harrass Tosser: (click on icons in this order: 1 3 2 4 )
Hate 2 the Aol: Enter iLL
Hava's Enforcer v1.0: Kaboom
Hava's Enforcer v3.0: *666*
HavOk=HeLLo aLL wHAt
HaVoK Final=havok is god god is havok
Havok Plat=BoW To ThE IsLaNdEr
Havok Plantuim : Loves Cuteone
Holocaust v1.5: J4 RULZ

Inc Phisher: BaLLa iZ a GoD!
Inertia v1: I Hate Lamerz


Judge Tos Bot: MaSTa JC rules all!

Kashmir v.09: Groups suck
K-Toser2: tosgeneral

Lamer-free zone: tips sips cufk
Laz Tos v2.0: print
Laz Tos: LaZaRuS Wants To Become a Senior
Lotto Tosser: Happy Daze


Magik Online Tosser: Outlaw
Master AOL: 0-11 & 0-3265 & 0-299 & 0-124
MIB Final=TFish Rules!
Menace II Aol: 'Ol Dirty Basterd (get it wrong....virus)

The NBHZ!! v1.0 Tos: Open Sesame
Newhade: Cyber's World
Nightmare v1.0: 43861
Nightmare v1.0 fac: Sponge Monkey
Nightmare v1.0 tos: Pork N Beans
Nitric Acid: SGX
NiTRo Non-Lame: 23-26-0
Now Toolz: MOoSe

OH KW: TOSer Has Terminated
Outbreak: #100781*


Penetrate: AOL Penertration Time
Pentagon v1.0 Tosser: 424364
PePsi3.0=PePsi DyNaStY
Piss on Aol: MiNd N CoDe
Pixy Gen (serial #): 12-3228-8007-263-PiXY-efkj384
Predador: packers
Punky Tosser: FindWindow
PwP Tosser: PwP KiX Ass

QEMM8: 000-18A-40708

Rage Punter: ddp
Rampage v1.0: OKIDATA
Rampage v2.0:
...........................................&HWDAS..... (43 dots, then &HWDAS,
then 5 more dots)
Razor's Tosser: RaZoR ToX Da WeRLD
Real OH: Rukes ALL (possible virus)
Real X-treme : Loop
RedKing Phisher: Andrea Sux
Reflex: BOMBS
RHiL: FoE RHiL BeTcH (hit either E, I, L, or N)
Rhymea FAC: MiRaGe RoX!!!
Rippclaw (new stuff): CHARON RULES
Rippclaw Toser: PRINCESS IS KEWL
Ridah's Insta Tossa: BluE RiDaH


Sabotage PW Cracker 3.3: leetness
Scope Tos: the password
Secret Service Tosser: LaZy
Shaft fac: America OnlineSkamz v1: 831
Skamz v2: 831-637
Skeptic MMer (serial #): 828-SkePTiC MMer-828Skitzo: 8769
The newest Skitzo: Visa
Skitzo that comes with AoDirt: i Bow B4 SkiTzO
Skitzo'a New Account Generator: 8769
Sniper's Tosser: All eyes on me
Stealth's PWS Detector v8.0: 043-2010-90680
Stormfront beta3 tos: IDFKA
Stormfront beta3 fakes: ORANGE PEPPER
Stormfront beta4: 2nd button three times, third button twice, the i got this
StormFront's Toser: theENDisnear
Stormfront4 b1: button 4 TWICE, button 5 TWICE, then click on I
SuB ZeRo=1947
Sumbdy's Tosser: Bastard 4 life!
Super Mad Cow v2.0 Tos: TOS COW (pw for all the stuff is 5051#)

ThE-NBHZ!! v1.0tos: Open Sesame
ThE-NBHZ!! v1.0 rooms: OH Room
the newest skitzo: Visa
TekNo's TOSSER v1.0: PeaceOut
TekNo's TOSSER v2.0: RaveTilDawn
TekNo's TOSSER v3.0: UPS Rox
TekNo's TOSSER v4.0: WarezGirlz
TOSHELL: bow b4 skitzo
TOSmoker: TweeD
TOStitos: whatsyourfavoritecolor?

Uloc FAC: Bow B4 Me
Ultimate Tosser: GOODBYE
Ultra Killer Instinct: NIN,Weed,Face,Anarchy,Face,AOL-DUH
Underachiever TOS: NoMoreLamersRome/LamerLess
Underachiever Fuck Room: GiFers SUCK!
UV TOSer: ReeSeS PieCeS


Vanquish: If not today, someday the whole world will bow down before PiXY's
knees and serve him as a king, not a regular
person but as a king
Vanquish Accnt Gen v1: Dec 19, 1981
Vanquish Accnt Gen v2: PiXY is the best programmer in the world!
Vanquish Accnt Gen v3: PiXY is the most ELiTe person
Vanquish Accnt Gen v4: PiXY RulEZ ALL!
Vanquish Accnt Gen v5: Im the best damn lamer on AOL
Vanquish elite PW: I am the astro creep a demolition style hell american
freak yeah!
Vesa TOSer: Wu Wear
VorTeX TOSer: 6699 ENTER
VorTOS v1.0 beta2: VorLeXiuS RuLeS Us ALL

W.P.i TOSER: Try Again
WAAS HT tosser: SiN~
WAAS HT v2.0 tosser: ViTaS (AVITOS)
WAAS 3.3: ViTaS
WAAS 3.3 tosser: j
Wh0 OH maker: WhO iS YoU?
WoReZ 2.0 OH phisher: (press space 16 times then) do
Wu-tang: Wu Killabees
Wu-Tang V2: E-ZWIDER

X-Men Screen Posters: MVW-92958-1201
X-treme: click twice on 1, once on 2, once on 1, then sign on or LooP
X-treme Accnt Gen: fake account
X-treme TOSer: america online

Ying's FAC: beotch!
Ying's elite version: yingizdabomb!!!

Zen's Instatosser: Zen Rules ( fake program )

If i am missing a password to a prog you got from this site then i dont have it, sorry...

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